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How to use social media successfully

Although social medias are crucial for your communication strategy, they can also be deadly for your business if you do not use them intelligently.

How-to-use-social-media-successfullyThere are some important rules and conditions for success by using social medias, and you have to understand them before starting to interfere with social medias. Your customers will carefully analyze your actions through social medias, so you must prepare deeply any single action.

First of all, you have to be sure it will be useful and helpful for you to use them. Besides, you have to use them to answer the customer’s needs. In effect, your action on social medias must be valuable for your customers; otherwise it will only give a bad reputation of your business and will show your weaknesses, compared to competitors. You have to offer something special on social medias; you have to be some kind of expert about something.

Moreover, it is also a matter of choice. You must choose websites that work better for you and your business. It should not be a random website targeting random people, it is crucial to think about the best opportunities for you to communicate towards the right people.

After that, people have to know you are present on social medias. You cannot just wait until they find you by chance. You can use email campaigns to make them know it, and tell them why they could be interested in joining your network. You must give them good reasons for them to interact with you; show them how it will benefit to them.

Once you have new social medias to interact with your customers, do not forget to stay involved. It cannot be a one-time action, but it must be permanent and steady.

To be more efficient, you can have all your contacts getting involved. In other words, encourage your partners and friends to support you through social medias. In fact, the more people support you, the more people will follow them. This is how it works for business, people need to be reassured by others preceding and testing for them. Potential customers need to know you are already popular before taking the risk to buy products from you instead of your competitors.

Another tip to utilize social media efficiently and successfully is to use what you have already accomplished. Although it is a new tool of communication for you, it does not mean you have to find new information to communicate. You might have already the content in your other instruments of communication. Thus, you can just reuse this content, but in another way, which will reach more people. This is a key factor for your business to succeed: you have to reach more people than your competitors do. In business, communication has become a main tool, and it cannot be ignored in today’s global business world.

To conclude this article, let us say that social medias have become very important in communication, and companies that do not use them should think about it and see the opportunities. In effect, if you pick the right team for this role and your people know how to manage social medias efficiently, as we explained, the outcomes will be considerable, so will be the Return-On-Investment. It is all about choosing the right people to do the right thing for your business in the right way. Vivek Sood’s book The 5-STAR Business Network will explain you this in more detail.

by anais lelong

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  • Travis says:

    Social media can be a great way for small business owners to connect with prospects and customers. Done right, it can make sales skyrocket. Some entrepreneurs have even built an entire business on a social media platform, like Rachel Dunston, the founder of Rachel Bakes More Cake, who built a thriving cake business on Instagram. But if you’re not careful, it can be a distracting time suck, or even backfire by alienating customers and prospects.

    The key thing with Facebook is to remember that the algorithm they use rewards posts that have interaction. If a business posts something but no one responds, then Facebook won’t show it to anyone. They’re trying to keep people on their website, and they can only do that by showing posts and stories that people find interesting. It’s going to get more difficult, as Facebook announced they’re going to be changing their algorithm. They’ll now favor content from friends over companies and other pages.

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