Outsourcing 3.0


Outsourcing for Specialised Capability

Besides technology and process expertise, vendors can possess other specialised knowledge or capability – either in supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics or any other part of the overall value network required for your business.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chains – Disastrous Confusion

There are many reasons why the supply chain world is rife with confusion and mix-ups. This confusion becomes even more pronounced when it comes to outsourcing because even many respected and experienced professionals cannot properly differentiate between logistics and supply chain. As a result, they continue to use the two terms – logistics and supply chain – interchangeably. The results are disastrous for the people, as well as, their companies.

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Re-thinking Supply Chains

Re-thinking Supply Chain

Re-thinking Supply Chains A look at rethinking supply chains By Stuart Emmett Introduction  – Why are so many companies constantly rethinking supply chains? Why many other companies are out of step? Many people do now understand what is involved when following a supply chain approach. However, ensuring the supply chain is optimised

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Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain

Five Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain

FIVE BUSINESS BOOSTERS IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN SUPPLY CHAIN Has The Answer To Everything. When establishing a Five Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain strategy, CEOs and other executives often appear to do it on random criteria. However, it is necessary to determine specific criteria and axes beforehand. In fact,

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Hijacked Your Supply Chain

Who Hijacked Your Supply Chain?

Who Hijacked Your Supply Chain? Here’s What People Are Saying About Supply Chain. I do not publish too many posts on LinkedIn any more because of ‘Gresham’s Law‘. However, once in a while I still publish content that would be relevant to that platform. I was delivering the keynote speech

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The Biggest Contribution Of Preparation In Outsourcing To Humanity

The Biggest Contribution Of Preparation In Outsourcing To Humanity Is Global Business Networks The Most Trending Thing Now? When implementing a new Information Technology system, companies often neglect the preparation step and the story always ends with failures. Indeed, the lack of preparation is the first mistake to avoid. Preparation

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Why Supply Chain Models In Outsourcing Have To Change

Why Supply Chain Models In Outsourcing Have To Change The Latest Trend In Supply Chain Models. In his book The 5-STAR Business Network (http://bit.ly/5-STARBN), Vivek Sood exposes the results of his researches on the organizational structure of companies. Companies used to follow the model of a traditional organization structure as in the

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amazon and 5 STARS business network

Amazon and the 5 STARS Business Network

Amazon and the 5 STARS Business Network 5 STARS Business Network We already defined the importance and features of a successful business network, through the necessity of 5 key cornerstones – Fire-Aim-Ready Innovation, $eed-to-$tore Efficiency, Transaction Optimisation Profitability, Advanced Product Phasing, and Results-focused Outsourcing and Modularisation – in the previous

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Have You Seen These Tricks Outsourcing With KPIs?

Outsourcing with KPIs – Have You Seen These Tricks? Why Is Outsourcing Business So Famous? I came across the following picture on the blog of Thaku Huni and the thought struck me about a situation I encounter quite frequently: Outsourcing If you asked any objective person about the KPIs of

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Business Network Outsourcing

Outcompete anyone using your Business Network Outsourcing

Network Outsourcing- Outcompete anyone using your Business How Do You Choose The Best Business Network? Thought leaders have a five star business network. They leverage of the value created by their business and supplier contacts to outcompete rivals and stay relevant. Your business can outcompete rivals too using its network.

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Supply Chain Management

Changing Role of Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy

Changing Role of Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy In the rapidly changing world – role of supply chain is constantly evolving. There are now at least three generations of supply chains and the confusion about the roles and expectations is leading to massive losses inside the corporations. Here are

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Myths About Outsourcing

Myths About Outsourcing and How to Know the Truth

Myths about outsourcing and how to know the truth Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing. The Common Myths about Outsourcing Not a single day goes by without a mainstream newspaper decrying the job losses or closure of some facility due to outsourcing. These are legitimate concerns. However, if outsourcing

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Supply Chain Confusion

What Causes Supply Chain Confusion

What is Supply Chain Concept Confusion and what causes it? My last post “Supply Chain Confusion could kill your business“ generated several great comments from highly qualified professionals around the world, and in this post I want to explore the reasons for the confusion. Obviously, the confusion is debilitating, and

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