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Outsourcing for Cost Arbitrage

The most popular and apparent reason for outsourcing is to access a lower cost base of the vendor – whether in a different country or a different cost base situation.

In the outsourcing context, outsourcing to low-wage nations is considered an example of cost arbitrage, particularly labour costs. For instance, India emerged as a venue for labour cost arbitrage following China’s decreasing appeal as an outsourcing destination due to increasing incomes.

However, without proper planning and preparation, this value driver can be lost during the outsourcing implementation, as what happened to Dell in their call centre outsourcing to India back in 2001.

We would like to point out the importance of preparation to take full advantage of cost arbitrage.

industry 4.0 | supply chain transformation | vivek sood

Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Transformation Supply Chain Transformation Sharing the stage were senior executives and thought leaders from various walks of life: Mr. Vivek Sood – Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, Peter O’Brien – Head, Asia Pacific Distribution & Practices, Russell Reynolds Associates, and Associate Professor Mark Goh

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SCM Trigger Points

Supply Chain Management and It’s Modern Interpretations

Supply Chain Management (SCM Trigger Points) and It’s Modern Interpretations The expression Procurement network was created during the 1980’s to explain the need to integrate important business processes SCM Trigger Points. SCM Trigger Points of Supply Chain Indeed, supply chain is about integration between business functions and business processes. It

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How Global Supply Chains Add Value?

HOW GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS ADD VALUE? Consider this if you are a typical company your imports and exports have grown at least 20% over the last 10 years. If you are one of those unique companies who prefer to deal only with local suppliers, then all that is happening is

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Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain

Five Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain Business Strategy

FIVE BUSINESS BOOSTERS IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN SUPPLY CHAIN Has The Answer To Everything. When establishing a Five Business Boosters In Your Supply Chain strategy, CEOs and other executives often appear to do it on random criteria. However, it is necessary to determine specific criteria and axes beforehand. In fact,

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Collaboration is the NEW Advantage

Why Collaboration is the NEW Advantage of Business?

Why Collaboration is the NEW Advantage? For decades, if not centuries, the economists have been extolling the virtues of competition. No doubt, competition unleashes forces lying dormant within human psyche – forces of of one-upmanship, jealousy, keep up with the jones, and similar nature. Of course, the economists rarely look

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China’s recent economic reforms: Time to revamp global outsourcing business networks has arrived – say the experts What China’s Leadership Knows About Global Outsourcing Business Networks? China, the giant economy has dominated the news agenda recently just like their dominance in the manufacturing arena. Several proposed reforms have caught more

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Preparation In Outsourcing

The Biggest Contribution Of Preparation In Outsourcing To Humanity

The Biggest Contribution Of Preparation In Outsourcing To Humanity Is Global Business Networks The Most Trending Thing Now? When implementing a new Information Technology system, companies often neglect the preparation step and the story always ends with failures. Indeed, the lack of preparation is the first mistake to avoid. Preparation

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amazon and 5 STARS business network

Amazon and the 5 STARS Business Network

Amazon and the 5 STARS Business Network 5 STARS Business Network We already defined the importance and features of a successful business network, through the necessity of 5 key cornerstones – Fire-Aim-Ready Innovation, $eed-to-$tore Efficiency, Transaction Optimisation Profitability, Advanced Product Phasing, and Results-focused Outsourcing and Modularisation – in the previous

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supply chain battle – EBay and Amazon beware; Alibaba’s coming IPO means time to protect home turf The world’s biggest e-commerce company is set to go public in the world’s biggest retail market, the latter is true at least for now. Alibaba announced its decision to “commence the process of an initial

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Have You Seen These Tricks Outsourcing With KPIs?

Outsourcing with KPIs – Have You Seen These Tricks? Why Is Outsourcing Business So Famous? I came across the following picture on the blog of Thaku Huni and the thought struck me about a situation I encounter quite frequently: Outsourcing If you asked any objective person about the KPIs of

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Optimisations In Outsourcing

How Good Is Your Supply Chain Optimizations In Outsourcing?

How Good Is Your Supply Chain Optimizations In Outsourcing? Why Supply Chain Optimizations In Outsourcing Had Been So Popular Till Now? System demos are tedious things at best. The developers are trying to showcase the best aspects of their baby in best possible light. They have spent months, sometimes years,

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Business Network Outsourcing

Outcompete anyone using your Business Network Outsourcing

Network Outsourcing- Outcompete anyone using your Business How Do You Choose The Best Business Network? Thought leaders have a five star business network. They leverage of the value created by their business and supplier contacts to outcompete rivals and stay relevant. Your business can outcompete rivals too using its network.

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Supply Chain Management

Changing Role of Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy

Changing Role of Supply Chain Management in Digital Economy In the rapidly changing world – role of supply chain is constantly evolving. There are now at least three generations of supply chains and the confusion about the roles and expectations is leading to massive losses inside the corporations. Here are

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Myths About Outsourcing

Myths About Outsourcing and How to Know the Truth

Myths about outsourcing and how to know the truth Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing. The Common Myths about Outsourcing Not a single day goes by without a mainstream newspaper decrying the job losses or closure of some facility due to outsourcing. These are legitimate concerns. However, if outsourcing

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Supply Chain Confusion

What is Supply Chain Concept Confusion and what causes it?

What is Supply Chain Concept Confusion and what causes it? My last post “Supply Chain Confusion could kill your business“ generated several great comments from highly qualified professionals around the world, and in this post I want to explore the reasons for the confusion. Obviously, the confusion is debilitating, and

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