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  • Want to know how a giant like Redbull became a raging success...then eaves drop on Redbull and hundreds of other household names as they outsmart and outprofit the competition by outsourcing. So if you want to build a smart phone or a super tanker you should read Vivek Sood's new masterpiece on Outsourcing.
    Wayne Mansfield
    Business Strategist and founder, Australian Education Corporation
  • This practical, readable book addresses one of today's most significant supply chain challenges: how to get the most from outsourcing. The book provides important insights to ensure more effective results.
    Tim Coltman
    Professor of Management, University of Wollongong
    Director, Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research
  • Today's supply chain leaders continue to seek additional value for their businesses but too often are overly confident that they have properly outsourced and managed their supplier relationships. "Outsourcing 3.0" blends strategy, case studies, and straight-forward language to showcase better ways of leveraging supplier relationships in the pursuit of long-term growth, advantage, and value creation."
    Matt Bartlett
    Consultant, A.T. Kearney
  • A very impressive and comprehensive collection of frameworks for the analysis and understanding of the outsourcing ecosystem as it has evolved over time. Applicable to businesses of all sizes. A must read for anyone without 20 years of battle scars in this space.
    Ramin Marzbani
    Director, Event Zero
  • In this book, Vivek very clearly details the methodology and strategic thinking necessary to achieve success and avoid the major pitfalls that claim so many outsourcing attempts. If I were launching a project today, reading this book would be a prerequisite for each member joining the team. It is now a part of my permanent library.
    Julius F Heil
    Global Supply Chain Management Executive and Consultant